Looking for a steel products supplier in Europe? Intrametal provides you with high-quality metallurgical products at the best cost.

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Our metallurgical products

Here is the range of steel products available from the Intrametal Group. If you require any assistance, please feel free to contact us or fill out our quote form to discover our prices.


Permanent and varied products

We sell: metal sheets, steel beams, tubes, bars, plates, coils, and slit strips.

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Approved Quality

Our reliable partners supply us with steel products that comply with European manufacturing standards for your satisfaction.

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Fast Delivery

We guarantee secure and fast transport of all your shipments and goods within Europe

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Competitive prices

Our prices are calculated based on the quantity, raw material, product dimensions, and delivery options chosen by customers.

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Intrametal mainly collaborates with...

Specializing in steel distribution, Intrametal operates in sectors that are essential to the European economy:


Our main clients are industries, including the automotive, shipbuilding, and aerospace industries...


A wide range of our products is distributed to boilermaking specialists, serving as raw material for precision machining.

Metal construction

The steel products we sell are used in the construction of metal structures, bridges, and walkways...

Construction and building

Our metallurgical products are primarily intended for the building and urban construction sector


Since the Industrial Revolution, the manufacture and sale of metallurgical products have constantly evolved to the present day. Metals are a base material for certain activities, such as metal constructions, railways and metal structures...
We have become a steel supplier in response to the growing demand for steel products. With 20 years of expertise, we support companies in their activities.
It is in this perspective that we created Intrametal, in order to serve the economic players to contribute to the growth of their activities.

WHY CHOOSE Intrametal?

By trusting our brand, you will benefit from many advantages :
  • Products from renowned manufacturers.
  • Very beneficial offers tailored to your budget and all your needs.
  • Metallurgical products of all shades compliant with the quality requirements of European standards.
  • Transparent prices ensuring better profitability.
  • Flexible administrative procedures (transport, customs...).
  • Quick and instantaneous processing of all your requests.
  • Personalized and free support from A to Z during your purchasing process.

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